The River of the Great Serpent

In a dream, I met a stranger and after a long conversation about things of the spirit, I found myself asking ‘who are you and where do you live?’ She responded, ‘I live everywhere where I’m needed. I am a servant of the great ones that live under the waters, I live my life traveling between multiple planes passing their messages.’ I then said ‘I want to travel where you go and live where you live.’ She responded ‘you need to first awaken from your deep sleep.’

I immediately woke up, then I heard her voice echo from my dream ‘follow me, follow me, follow me.’ But this time she was invisible, I asked ‘but where are you and how do I follow the invisible?’ And she quickly responded ‘find me, I’m not far from the river where your spiritual lens will be put to awareness.’ I then ran as quickly as I could to the nearby river banks of The River of the Great Serpent.

As I came closer, a dark cloud emerged from the center. I heard the sound of a deep drum, it sounded as though it was filled with water inside. I could also hear human voices singing in strange harmonies, they seemed so faraway as if chanting the songs of a forgotten past.

Something else also took place, beings that had tails and some with horns on their foreheads appeared behind me. They too seemed as though they were searching for the same truths. Their eyes shined with great light.

I then saw a rainbow in unusual colors. It had two dominating colors, red and white. Its tail end connected to the dark cloud at the center of the river, while the other tail moved directly towards us. It also started to rain.

The beings that stood behind me were dancing to the sound of the drums, they moved around me and I felt their pulse encored on the ground. We all seemed to be wondering inside the rainbow, there was a great sense of blissfulness.

Lost in a stance-state, a voice spoke loudly and said ‘are you ready to travel to a world of your forefathers?’ At this point I had become weak, so I could not speak but in response I raised my hand and so did the other beings. I also noticed their bodies were now surrounded by a special kind of light, they seemed as though they were accompanied by shining stars on a winter night.

From this moment, the water opened and a black hole appeared. A strong force pulled us in and we traveled at such a high speed.

I fell into deep sleep, when I woke up I was dressed in a golden garment and I also had white beads around my wrists and legs. As I lifted up my head, I saw a huge serpent right across me, but for some reason I had to fear and our eyes connect with depth. The serpent began to speak, telling me about a secret world that I now belonged to. I was given a new name and a new song that I will chant to heal the wounded.

I again fell into deep sleep and woke up outside the riverbanks where a thanksgiving ceremony was held with healers of various types dancing and chanting around me. They too knew my song.


Nduduzo Makhathini 01.01.2020


In what appeared to be a flat deserted land, a place that seemed lifeless. I could not feel any trace or evidence of man having lived or walked on these lands.

As my spirit marveled at the emptiness and wideness of the desert, I soon began to see what appeared to be a motherlike figure. She came from an easterly direction. She had a bundle of firewood on her head and carried a child on her back.

Another vision then appeared this time from a westerly direction, it was a shadow of a young men walking and carrying a stick. Like a shepherd, he walked behind a herd of cows. He whistled melodies which their echoes I could recall from some of my dreams, perhaps from my past life.

As I listen to his beautiful music, I was taken to another place then something else started to happen. I felt water rising from underneath my feet, at some point it went beyond my knees.

Then another vision appeared, I saw humans bodies emerging from the ground, they surfaced from all directions. They also sung the shepherd’s whistle song.

Soon we were all engulfed by the sacred waters while we also kept singing. Looking around, it seemed as though we were now inside a mother’s womb. There was a sense of peace, love and security. From a distance, I could also hear the heartbeat of the cosmos. Then I was born.



Nduduzo Makhathini

I Saw an Old Man who Began Telling Tales

From deep beneath the waters, the gods started hearing so much noise and it disturbed them from their rest. The humans have invaded sacred spaces with their inventions and technologies, thus creating sounds that shocked the entire cosmos.

Some millions of years ago, these spaces were marked as sacred by our forefathers. Our ancestors had deeper connections to the cosmos, they also spoke and understood languages of the gods. As such, they left tons of open land unused. This then allowed the gods to have space for their visits. Ancient gods lived and traveled in gigantic bodies hence some rivers, mountains and forests were kept vacant and free from human usage because they were understood as places where gods lived and rested.

In particular seasons humans and all living things would visit these sacred lands and waters to receive blessings from the gods.

In recent times humans have started to invade and pollute these spaces in various ways. This has angered the gods, and some of them are now leaving us for other worlds.

But how would our world be without the presence of our gods?

Umbono (02122019)

Nduduzo Makhathini

Standing Around the Fire

It was late at night, after their evening feast. The villagers, men and women stood around a large burning fire, as it was a cold winter night. They sung beautiful songs, in deep conversations they triggered memories of the past. As the drum played, some had gone in a trance, at times even burning their hands and feet as they felt no pain. The gods had entered the place, and the grace of the old spirits was upon them.

As they danced around the fire, a childlike figure appeared from the center. She spoke with a huge voice as though speaking through a body of primitive ancestor. Her voice echoed in the mountains, caves, forests and rivers. She spoke with uttermost command and clarity.

Though speaking in a language never heard before, from underneath their feet they all understood the meanings of her words. Her eyes had a light unseen before, and anyone that looked directly into her eyes was pulled into the fire and soon vanishing. When the audiences noticed that, they began to listened with their eye closed fearful of disappearing into space.

Some panicked to a point of even attempting to escape, but her presence and that of the gods had amplified, gravity anchored their feet so deep in the ground. At some point no one could even move.

She seemed to be completely uninterrupted by all that was happening. She just looked at them then continued to speak saying ‘I’m sent by your forefathers and mothers that now live in another world.’ Then she said ‘they have found large enough lands to accommodate you all.’ She took a pause, then said ‘they have attained freedoms as great as the skies and deep as the oceans.’

After this statement, many started to sob, they cried because, over the years, they had accepted having no land, having no freedom. Freedom had become too abstract an idea for some that they believed their freedom lived on the edges of slavery. Similar to their land, they had been pushed away to live on the edges, their center had been stolen. They had tuned in to a frequency of indigence.

Some did not want to hear about their past and ancestors. Even saying they did not want to encounter a future that carried any overtones of their past. They had disconnected from heritage, and their abandoned legacies.

Sensing their fears, she then said ‘I’m now leaving to go back home, those whom have sent me are soon coming. The underworlds will soon emerge on earth. All that was buried in the past, is the future that you await.’ Then she vanished



Nduduzo Makhathini

A Seeker

As though I am a visitor in my forefathers land

My rituals are strange, they are not understood

My forefathers’ gods are unknown to man, they are unknown to their granddaughters

My freedom only comes in the night, when everyone is asleep, when no one can see me

My customs have become midnight customs, that is also if I am fortunate enough not to be disrupted by those in government uniforms


Now in the very dark I speak to my gods

I dance with the gods

I remember that I am a mystical man, I live in two worlds

I refuse to disconnect with the ‘dead’

The so called dead visit me, they speak to me, they guide me and they are my light


I am a strange man and my technologies are scary to man

My drum is too loud a truth

I am a seeker


Inkondlo (02.11.2019)

Nduduzo Makhathini

Awaiting Another Borrowed Life

In a far away place, way beyond the stars, we arrived in a land where beings walked slightly high above the ground. A tribe so technologically advanced that they each possessed several bodies. That is to say, due to the large quantities of tasks and responsibilities each of them had, over the years, they had developed the art of multiplying their own selves. At a blink of an eye, these beings could project several other bodies similar to theirs whom became responsible for all kinds of work as they wish.

Perhaps the only limitation was that, each of the projected bodies operated from the mind of their creator, thereby restricting them from any kind of independence or freedom. At night these projected bodies did not sleep but were tasked with performing dreams of their masters (the beings that had created them). In that way all the dreams of the tribe were known through songs, dance and poetic recitations. As such, the tribe always understood and were made aware of the sentiments of their ancestors, their pasts in the same way they could also foresee their futures.

This ecosystem was functional and served the tribe in meaningful ways for many years until these projected bodies were tired of being slaves to the tribe and its dreams. They too wanted to live their own life, they were tired of the many hours of hard labor, they wanted to experience sleep, they wanted to have their own dreams.

For a long period there was great tension between the tribe and their projected bodies. These moments of disagreement got characterized by a serious war. They fought to death and they all perished. The projected beings turned into shadows living in a kind of exile state having no access and will to become ancestors. To this day, they await yet another chance for a borrowed life from the superior beings.

Iphupho (07102019)

Nduduzo Makhathini

The Lost Tribes of Wamadingho

She screamed with a deep voice. She screamed from the depths of her belly, right across the river. The river was full and no one could cross. Her voice echoed in the depths of the forest, in the caves, through the mountains, to the villages and right into the people’s consciousness. For many years, there had been a storm that never ended, and as no one could cross over, the tribe had split into two.

On the one side of the river, they spoke an ancient tongue left by the ancestors of their land. This tribe also searched their archives looking for their forefathers songs that could harness and quieten the storm. While on the other side, they developed new languages, and investing on new technologies that could perhaps assist to someday cross over to the lands where their umbilical chords were buried. After many years, the tribe built a ship that someday sunk the entire tribe.

I hope someday when the storms is over, all the tribes of Wamadingho (as told in another dream) will reunite in the underworlds, where the drum plays all day and night.

Umbono 15092019

Nduduzo Makhathini