A Love Dance in the Key of Africa

They had been walking together long enough such that their pulse unified. In unison, they had spoken about everything they have ever thought of, wondered about and done under the sun. They spoke about their dreams, fears, aspirations and visions. Eventually they became quite, they had no words, they had said everything. In silence, their thoughts were quietened. For the first time, they felt a deep awareness of the sounds and rhythms of their feet, the beating of their hearts. They danced to the rhythm of the earth. Through their feet they heard the forgotten songs of their forefathers.

They had become profoundly in tune with each other and their surroundings. They began to walk with their eyes closed even through the deepest forests. They had learned to open the eyes of their hearts. The light shined over them, nature whispered love songs to their hearts. 

In their synchronicity a third being emerged, it was a projection of their oneness, a projection of their fondness and a hologram of their freedom. Trinity became a symbol of their love. 

Indatshana 25052019

Nduduzo Makhathini

Abantwana Basekukhanyeni (Children of Light)

After being carried by a bird over many lands, seas and sky[s], our pilgrimage had led us to this tranquil space. As we arrived, it looked and felt as though it had been raining, the soil sung with a great aroma. In harmony the trees lived while the rivers and streams pledged evolving melodic motifs telling stories of tomorrow. From a distance we heard the overtones of the rainbow. The mountains echoed the invisible histories of our people.

This was no ordinary day in a special place. Unlike the many years of searching, questioning and seeking, instead in effortless ways this day felt fulfilling for both my guide and I. We sat for hours under a tree where the magic bird had left us. It felt as though words were not necessary in these moments, even movement was suspended. In stillness, we had fully become aware of each other’s presence even in intense silence.

At sunset we advanced towards the nearest village where we would spend the next couple of moons with the wise ones and the elders of the village. Before we could arrive, two wooden gates appeared ahead of us and as we came closer the one on the right slowly opened, and immediately after we had walked it closed behind us.

Being inside the gate was being in another planet, everything changed to an uncommon vibration. It was dark, cold, and a little windy. I looked at the sky, it appeared to be much closer than I had seen and experienced anywhere before. It seemed as though it was filled with some kind of liquid forms. As I looked even deeper into the sky, I began to see what appeared as unborn babies [like] figures that moved similar to a fetus inside the womb, their movement produced a musical sound.

Still marveled at what I was seeing and hearing, a whilst-like voice spoke, after which my guide (whom spoke all whistle languages including ‘umlozi’ and other complex languages of the birds) translated what was being said. He mentioned something about rebirth, but my attention was still drawn to mystical nature of the place.

Soon after, a child dress in a grey linen garment walked towards us from an easterly direction, accompanied by a massive white cloud right above her head. She spoke in a gentle voice and said; ‘Welcome to the land of eternal youth, this gift was given to us by our ancestors, it allows us to be in touch with all things seen and unseen, known and unknown, and part of our mission is to pass gift to all who seekers of truth.’ She then held my hand and I became a child too.

My guide then spoke to me in a whistling tongue (this time I understood every note): ‘My felicitations to you. You have now graduated to being a mystic, all your senses are now heightened, there shall be no need for my guidance anymore, from today follow your intuition and the light shall follow you always.’ Then he vanished.

Umbono (COL21052019)

Nduduzo Makhathini

The Invention of Ancient Technology

I had been traveling for a long period of time looking for the wise one who knew everything about human evolution. After several years I reached his-her shrine, he-she spoke with his-her back to the audience. I was told that no man had ever seen his-her face. He-she said;

Before the technology of telepathy, dreams, visions, songs, prayers, meditation and even death, humans used to travel between planets in their physical bodies. These beings were gifted with light bodies and could travel at significantly high speeds. Some could even fly as they had wings, but most beings traveled using a web of ropes that formed an organized network connecting all planets above and below. One day after humans had fallen asleep for the first time and not traveled for several days, the gods became angry and cut all the ropes that connected the planets.

Eventually, when the humans woke up they discovered that all ropes were cut and those that had wings could no longer fly. Since humans had, communities, families and friends across planets that they needed to communicate with, the decision made by the gods resulted in a lot of sadness as humans could no longer transmit messages between planets. After a long meeting between the gods of all planets, it was declared to humans that new forms of technologies were invented to assist them communicate across planets, space and time. Humans from all over became once again optimistic and excited about life and this message from the big gods, they celebrated over several days of sleeplessness. The gods further declared that due of humans’ laziness, they were no longer allowed to travel between planets in their physical bodies but through telepathy, dreams, visions, songs, prayer and death of the body.

Personal communication with teachers from another time: Dream Code 16052019

Nduduzo Makhathini

Songs that Traveled

These beings had massive voices, when they sung their songs traveled lots of miles to far away places. They projected certain songs to nearby villages, sometimes over the sea, through the sky and even deep underground. The wise ones say, each of these beings could sing up to twelve vocal parts simultaneously, with each composition lasting over a day or two in length. 

In those days, all humans knew the science of songs, some spoke of melodies that were stored in caves, forests, mountains and rivers. We were also told that, some of these songs had traveled from unknown places over thousands of years to supplement planet earth with diverse types of energy fields. Over the years, these ancient beings had developed various systems for storage such as digital archives and other energy libraries, at any given moment these beings were able to allow these songs to perform in public ceremonies, celebrations and rituals through advance song projection systems. 

Other special songs such as healing songs, rain songs amongst others were sung by chosen singers. These chosen beings were believed not to have been born off the human race, but were thought of as tangible manifestations of songs themselves, they embodied the spirits of the great gods. These beings never ate any food and were never involved in any human activities or needs, they only emerged to sing and when a given piece of music was completed, they would dissolve into water and eventually disappear. 

Umbono 02.05.2019

Nduduzo Makhathini 

Liturgical Means of Learning: uKhuluma Nazo

The language of the people in the village was different, they viewed the world of gifts from a specific set of hermeneutic lens. I recall them saying: ‘Lensizwa yasixexebula isiginci engathi yasilalela emathuneni.’ They were obviously referring to another register of understanding knowledge dissemination that involves metaphysical passages.

From a young age, we got acquainted with very particular and (in retrospect) alternative and unique processes of ‘learning’ a musical instrument. We were told that all great musicians, magicians and artists were special beings, whom were chosen by the ancestors that had possessed similar talents and gifts before them. We were also informed that, though these beings (as ancestors), no longer lived in physical bodies, they were still able to communicate with living beings and through those means, were able to pass on their gifts to the living.

Moreover, in cases where one was the chosen one, he/she used be directed through a series dreams and visions to visit a particular ancestor’s tomb for an overnight ritual (sometimes up to three days). The ritual would be accompanied by sacrifices, chanting and singing after which one would get tired and at a particular point fall asleep with their instruments in their hands. We were also told that, in their sleep (ubu’thongo) their physical bodies would play all the repertoires channeled from the ancestry realms on a chosen instrument. It is believed that, it is also in this way that technical abilities and prowess[ness] in playing an instrument would be ‘coded’ from ancestral memory to their muscles and other dimensions of their memory.

Sometimes, for instance if the candidate had to become a maskanda guitarist, they’ll wake up day after the ritual with a particular tuning on their guitar that they would use their entire lives. In some rare cases, with a missing string and they would be given their gift in these kinds of ways which they would embrace and not alter moving forward. This also became a way of immortalizing an ancestor and their specific cultural practices.

The next day, through another ritual, they would be reincorporated back into the dimensions of the living. Following that would then be their inaugural performance where it would be actually their first time playing that particular instrument in their conscious modes. Part of the ceremony would be dedicate to storytelling, this part included the candidate sharing on his experiences in the ancestry realm. Those who spent a bit more time would even talk about details of certain ancestors passing regards and messages to some members of the family that were still living.

This outlook suggests that, there is a kind transcendence that overlap between our dream-state (trance-state) and our awake[ness]. Therefore, I further propose that these communication corridors with our ancestors be viewed as; some sort of technological means for interpreting texts from outer space[s] and embodiments of potential overlaps between these two realms of consciousness. This is especially urgent in an African context, where our cosmological window already views these dimensions as being intertwined.


Nduduzo Makhathini

Conversations with the Unseen: Them Too Need our Light

Three candles surfaced from the earth, two white ones and one red. Behind me a voice spoke and said ‘light them up, then step back to your position and don’t look behind you.’ I did as instructed.

Then the voice spoke again ‘Do you ever wonder that, we too need your light? We are also vulnerable beings in the spirit realm and we are also searching.’ I responded in fear ‘But I don’t even see you, how would I begin to imagine what you need.’ The voice then responded ‘That’s exactly how you’ve been failing us on this side. You neglect seeing in complete ways, because you believe in seeing only through your eyes. Now seek me within your heart and I shall appear.’

As I was still processing what was being said, I began to see multiple projections of myself all around, they appeared as though each represented one of the seven stages of my life’s journey. Some exhibited moments in my life as a child (playfulness), as an adult (searching)and some projected towards the future (blissfulness).

Then in unison they all pronounced ‘I have not gotten home yet, there is a river I need to cross, each time I’ve tried I have gotten tired and in that moment I have always found myself back by the river banks. It’s been many years and I have seen other spirits crossover but a kind of light shine over them.’

As I listened deeper, I noticed that twenty one candles had surfaced from the ground all around me and all in various colors. The voice spoke again, this time from a distance, and said ‘All of these stand for the ones that seek your light.’

Iphupho 07042019

Nduduzo Makhathini

From Another Time

It once was known to man that ‘magic’ was an extension of being. From realms of potentially ideas were verbalized, chanted, vocalized and eventually transformed and realized through layers of manifestations in physical forms.

The beautiful landscapes, mountains, rivers and valleys seen around us were once songs in someone’s imagination. Some songs presented themselves as suites over several days of meditations and some a single movement or phrase through a deep breath, yet each man was content with the resulting creation. All man’s thoughts collectively formed part of a larger universal tonality.

Someday soon humans shall remember a song that created the pyramids and will regain access to the divine properties and poetics of co-creation.


Nduduzo Makhathini