The Ones that Came Through the Sky

So we are told that the first humans to arrive on planet earth were musical beings. They were magicians who could sing things into existence. These beings were steeped in the sciences of sound and they traveled through space teaching songs of ancient gods. From the ancient gods they learned that the mother of all creation was the invention of the drum. These beings lived in a time-period where the major purpose of being was to travel between planets mediating messages from the gods.

We are also told that, each time these beings would leave a given planet, it would soon disappear behind them. It is noted that their last trip was to planet earth. They came through the sky into a quiet world immersed in still waters. Upon their arrival, they each possessed a drum that was given to them by the ancient gods. It is through the drum that the initial sound would manifest as form that we see around us and call earth today.

According to this school of thought, it is the sound that gave birth to all things and someday all shall return to silence.



Nduduzo Makhathini

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