Here I live in water. From a distance, I hear the Sun Race. I hear their drums and feel their spirits.

But I have never seen the sun. Although I am privileged to feel the light. I have also not seen the stars or the moon. Mother ocean sings to the moon. Sometimes the moon whispered back. And so I have experienced glimpses her voice.

Here in the ocean our water is sweet. But often it is salty and other times sower. I drink and eat according to mother’s will. As I grow I yearn to have choose what I drink. But I have to be born to have choices.

I also want to see the world. In my dreams I have created images of it. I see colours of a world I have never seen.

But before I could make a sound. I suddenly heard voices from whence I came. Now I have returned to this dark place. This is a place of no doing. A place of the invisible. Underneath the Earth now I live.

But I still wish to see the word. I hear the whispers of the spirits.

Here I wait and wonder

In a Vision

Nduduzo Makhathini (15.01.2021)

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