Signs and Symbols: Letters from the Underworlds

As I move to the next chapter, I thought it would important to leave you with a description of the signs and symbols, however briefly, that were used in the artwork of ‘Modes of Communication: Letters from the Underworlds’ and what they mean in the context of this album.

I have said before that the general concept of the album was to cite a sound world from elsewhere. The citation then led to the notion of a letter, symbolic of an ancestral voice.

There are four main themes on this album cover, each deals with a unique mode of storytelling using sacred geometry. Most of the symbols used here, and elsewhere in my work, locate Egypt (Kemet) as a place of origin.

From the top left corner going clockwise we have the moon, a pyramid, a butterfly and God Khnum of ancient Egypt. There is also a consistent presence of Vesica Piscis representing the connections and communication signals between three worlds; the underworlds, terrestrial and celestial plans. This trinity is intrinsic in our African worldview.

The moon here represents the mother, the origins of all things but also balance in all living things in the universe. The pyramid represents what is left of our memory, it also stands a resting place for our soul and our immortal-ness. The butterfly signifies our spiritual rebirth on the other side of life, a manifestation of be-ing in the spirit world elsewhere. God Khnum stands for the making and creation of a new man who carries the letters from the underworlds.

Nduduzo Makhathini

Design: @crozier.sean
Picture: @fotoboothdurban

2 thoughts on “Signs and Symbols: Letters from the Underworlds

  1. Thank you for sharing this wisdom Nduduzo 🙏🏽 . The butterfly is my spirit animal. It is nice to know this meaning as you describe here. Gratitude!
    Lenora Zenzalai Helm


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