Finding Home

As though I had reached the heart of the earth, I suddenly felt no need, I knew that I had come nearer to home. As I was told by my guide: “many years ago just after you were born and while your fist was still closed — you were taken away from your tribe.” She then continued and said: “before you could speak the languages of your people, you crossed the oceans and beyond into lands that were foreign.” She concluded saying that the ones that captured me feared the power of my foremothers/fathers and the songs that immortalized them.

But in this moment I had been found by sound. I’m in unison with the sound that carried me over many seas back home. I now look to find the lands that had given birth to me, where my umbilical chord was buried. But I had been traveling for many hours and my body was tired. I then fell into deep sleep here in the wilderness.

I entered a dream where an elderly man approached me, he asked that I open my hands. From the palm of my hands I saw an image of a village. I saw contour-like lines that crossed like streams forming a map image. Then from his bag the elderly man reached for a needle and injected it almost at the center of my right hand. It was so painful such that I immediately awoke from the dream.


Now I know that man lives in a dream state until he is awaken by his own purpose. Purpose is then our way home, but again if we fail we fall into deep sleep until the circle is completed.


Nduduzo Makhathini

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