Senze’nina: The Making of a New Man

From the infinite flames of fire he emerged and between the eyes of consciousness he came. He was sent through the eyes of the big gods from where he shot out like a volcano. But he knew that his journey too needed to be born. He remembered that in order to be born he needed a new body.

So as he came to the world he realized that he urgently needed to dissolve his fiery state back to a sparkle of potentiality. To attain physicality he understood that he was to be born again. And so in the ocean of the mother’s womb he walked through the knowledge of all the nine planets. The completion of his journey signaled his birth. But when he was born he encountered a new form of light, he met the sun. His encounter with the spirit of the sun removed all that he knew before. The record of his past lives were forgotten. Now he lives his entire life seeking to reveal the truth of being and to awaken from the blinding state of amnesia.


Nduduzo Makhathini


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