The Story of Songs

A beautiful song had been traveling from a faraway world in search of her unknown mother. As a song, she had been told in her dreams that she possessed a charming voice, but when she was awake no one could hear her. This bothered her for many years. Some elders of her kind had told her that she will only manifest as sound in the presence of her mother whom will give her as a gift to the greatest musician.

She also learned that, somewhere in another world her mother awaits her in meditation, she awaits quietly. Some also told her that, her mother was kind and over many years she had been blessing all living things with the gift of sound. In other planets, praise singers worshipped her mother as a goddess from which all creation is born.

The more she heard about these stories, her heart jumped with anticipation for this meeting with a special being. She traveled at a like light though she had no knowledge of where she was heading. She went to many worlds, she heard birds and human beings that sung beautifully but when she spoke to them no one could hear her.

Sometimes she would hide and cry painfully thinking that, perhaps she had been cursed for not being obedient. She prayed to her mother but she could not hear her respond. She expected to hear the sound of her mother’s voice.

As she travelled past a great village of the praise singers she felt a presence that she had never felt before. She wondered about life in the village. It was the most quiet place she had ever been to, people of the village never spoke and during specific rituals they would sing. When they sung, the entire village vibrated. The soil produce food. The streams and rivers will over flow with water. The sun knew their voices and the sky followed the tonality of their song. The moon danced to their drum.

Still amazed at the power of these beings, everything went quite again. This time she did not panic but immersed herself with silence and soon the praise singer chanted her melody.

And that how all songs find their sound, when they join their mother silence in meditation.

Silence the Mother of all

Nduduzo Makhathini


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