To Find not, but to be Found

Then a group of men appeared. They were dressed in golden garments. They looked alike. They sung a ‘Song of Songs’

They followed the river current. They traveled in a Southerly direction. They adhered to the sound of birds. They knew gravity and grace similarly.

These men were seekers. They had been to every village. They lived and spoke the truth. All living things smiled at their presence.

Their seeking knew no finding. They were seeking as purpose for being.

These men were invisible.They were only seen by fellow seekers. Their ultimate meditation was invisibility. They knew that their Gods were invisible.

These men had no possession. They were possessed by the truth. The truth of being silent. The truth of being invisible. The truth of being found.

Izwi likaMoya

Nduduzo Makhathini


2 thoughts on “To Find not, but to be Found

  1. I am deeply motivated by these stories /thoughts /revelations you tell babu Makhathini. I too am a seeker of the invisibility that surrounds our nature and surely a day will come where I’ll again, see the unseen.


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