Dreams of the Earth

A woman that was old, had lived for many centuries. Her grandchildren once asked, ‘what is the ultimate wisdom’. She told them that ‘it is to understand how the universe dreams’.

She also told them that, ‘as much as humans were gifted the capacity to dream, it was also necessary for them to have intimate connections with the cosmos’. She believed that the universe operated in equations, thus the manifestation of human dreams relied on synchronicities with the cosmological spheres.

One day the old woman, told her grandchildren that she was leaving to join her ancestors in the other worlds. As they listened closely, she said ‘follow your dreams to the very end’ and she died.

As the children grew older they wondered about the deeper meaning of their grandmothers last words of wisdom. Some of the children saw her in dreams but could not figure out a way of enquiring on her last message. Some heard her voice calling them from a faraway place. As time went by her voice became more audible, the dreams more clearer.

One day the children decided to follow her voice, and perhaps in that way they could reach their dreams. The children wanted to live a more purposeful life, they wanted to be in harmony with the cosmic dream.

Out in the wilderness, they follow the voice of their grandmother. At some point they would follow one direction when eventually they would realize that the voice was now calling from the opposite side. Her voice reverberated in the mountains and caves causing an endless echoe that confused the direction of the message. The children started to become tired and weak, some children complained saying that, ‘the journey didn’t have get the blessings of the elders hence such dismay’.

They soon arrived in a deserted land, the sand was so dry and hot, their feet were burning. Some cried, in another realm the old women felt so much pain and she appeared right above their heads. She said ‘you are now close to the cosmic dream’. She also carried bottles of water, she gave to them and disappeared.

After they had drank, they felt as though gravity was pulling their feet deep into the ground. Their feet were still burning, but they had forgotten about that, the burning was now that of their eagerness to know their dreams. They had transcended fear and pain.

Soon the gravitational pull had intensified even stronger, they could no longer walk. A huge flame emerged from their feet and they engulfed in in a huge fire but not burning. Other beings emerged inside the flame, they were short with reptilian tails and multiple hands. These beings sung in an ancient tongue, the children remembered this song and they joined in the singing.

To this day it is not know what followed. People in village claim that the children becomes birds and they found their dream. They now sing everyday with the sounds of the spheres.

Isipho Sabadala

Nduduzo Makhathini

6 thoughts on “Dreams of the Earth

  1. I’m currently facing that situation when you’re start following the dreams the gravitational pull becomes stronger.


  2. I can relate. A night without dreams is incomplete. Dreams that carry meaning are the best of it. You feel guilty if you can’t remember the dream or can’t figure out the message.


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