A Forgotten Race

Over many days, I had fallen into deep sleep, I traveled many places and dimensions seeing various forms of existence. I could no longer tell the difference between what I saw in dreams and in reality. Life on earth had completely transformed and the experiences in the world matched those in dreams. The once thought of as the impossible was now upon us.

Moving between two forms of sleep, caught in a parallel dream state, I soon woke up. The sun rays shined directly into my eyes, and it felt as though I had just been born, like a new born child from the mother’s womb having their initial contact with light.

I tried to raise my head but I was very weak. Around me, stood three elderly women whom I did not know. One stood at the edge of my feet, another near my left arm and the other right next to my head.

In their heads, they carried large calabashes that dripped of an oily substance. I also noticed that all them had wings that covered most of their bodies. They looked alike and everything they did was in sync. They also spoke with the same voice. The only physical difference I could noticed between them was the one above my head had three eyes.

As I listen to them, I recalled their voices in my dream, they had been whispering in my ears when I was asleep. As my memory slowly gathered consciousness, I remembered that I had also seen them in my dream. They spoke of a different race that was to enter our planet. They warned that those who had power and who are now hiding in unkown places, were the only ones that knew about the coming of the unkown race. The rest of humanity had disappeared into extinction.

The elderly women continued and said they are here to save me. They sad they had prepared a place for me elsewhere, where our forefathers had gone.

They said that before extinction, humans had tried to escape the turmoil, the elders had gone up to the mountains to pray to the gods but disappeared. Some built arks, and some invented aircraft but none survived the harshness of life on earth.

They said the world had been sold to another race by men that looked like ourselves but had power over the world. In return these men were promised space to hide here on earth even when all the other beings had gone.

As I listened a huge synthetic voice emerged as though coming from the sky and said, ‘we walked on this earth before you, the memories you call your own are ours. We created all that you see around you’. As the voice echoed, everything began to disappear. I could no longer see myself or the elderly women whom were telling tales.



Nduduzo Makhathini

7 thoughts on “A Forgotten Race

    1. The woman with three eyes reminds me of a dream i once had where i encountered a sea like creature with one eye right in the middle of its head. Next to thi creature there was a Woman with a white bead around her neck, she looked like a Sangoma. Your stories really walk me down memory lane of such incredible experiences i have indulged in because of my curiosity and desire to just know more about the underworld or rather that which the nacked eye can hardly see.


  1. It explains something that has ways been a question to me. How we always say “missing a place you have never been to”, kanti omkhulu have been there. Don’t know if I’m making sense.


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