In what appeared to be a flat deserted land, a place that seemed lifeless. I could not feel any trace or evidence of man having lived or walked on these lands.

As my spirit marveled at the emptiness and wideness of the desert, I soon began to see what appeared to be a motherlike figure. She came from an easterly direction. She had a bundle of firewood on her head and carried a child on her back.

Another vision then appeared this time from a westerly direction, it was a shadow of a young men walking and carrying a stick. Like a shepherd, he walked behind a herd of cows. He whistled melodies which their echoes I could recall from some of my dreams, perhaps from my past life.

As I listen to his beautiful music, I was taken to another place then something else started to happen. I felt water rising from underneath my feet, at some point it went beyond my knees.

Then another vision appeared, I saw humans bodies emerging from the ground, they surfaced from all directions. They also sung the shepherd’s whistle song.

Soon we were all engulfed by the sacred waters while we also kept singing. Looking around, it seemed as though we were now inside a mother’s womb. There was a sense of peace, love and security. From a distance, I could also hear the heartbeat of the cosmos. Then I was born.



Nduduzo Makhathini

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