I Saw an Old Man who Began Telling Tales

From deep beneath the waters, the gods started hearing so much noise and it disturbed them from their rest. The humans have invaded sacred spaces with their inventions and technologies, thus creating sounds that shocked the entire cosmos.

Some millions of years ago, these spaces were marked as sacred by our forefathers. Our ancestors had deeper connections to the cosmos, they also spoke and understood languages of the gods. As such, they left tons of open land unused. This then allowed the gods to have space for their visits. Ancient gods lived and traveled in gigantic bodies hence some rivers, mountains and forests were kept vacant and free from human usage because they were understood as places where gods lived and rested.

In particular seasons humans and all living things would visit these sacred lands and waters to receive blessings from the gods.

In recent times humans have started to invade and pollute these spaces in various ways. This has angered the gods, and some of them are now leaving us for other worlds.

But how would our world be without the presence of our gods?

Umbono (02122019)

Nduduzo Makhathini

4 thoughts on “I Saw an Old Man who Began Telling Tales

  1. The biggest problem we face since the so called civilization is rise of the monster to which we now pay tribute to for the sake of our daily lives, capitalism. It has redefined the human being away from nature and what natured them, at these speeds im convinced that this will alter our lives entirely as we know it, admirers of it (capitalism or economic systems), with the help of science call this stage, evolution. It seems evolution might just mean the drifting away from reliance on all things natural into the realm that has our intensified intervention as an influence in the definition of a human of the future, im not sure if the idea of our Gods will continue to the main point of reference or even reflection, look at the laws that are said to be evolving with the times today, many have decried them as snatching us away from our traditions. I dont know, just thoughts.


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