There was a time when divinities used to visit planets in their physical bodies. Part of these visits were to explore answers to some of humans kind’s deepest questions. When these wise ones visited they would choose, open spaces. These were lands where no human lived, the big gods had dedicated these spaces to themselves and the greater network of divinities. Some of the signifies and characteristics for these lands in planet earth would be for instance, weather conditions that are unbearable to human bodies, less fertile grounds among others.

Healers would travel to these sacred lands to pass on various messages and questions that humans had, but they too did not live here for longer periods. The wise ones, the divinities would then share their wisdom, spending time unpacking multiple perspectives and truths about life at times drawing examples from what was taking place in other realms and planets as anecdotes for planet earth. There are the ones that told us about the existence of other worlds. They were beings of the highest wisdom. It would be then the duty of the healers to listen as intense as possible to these news, and send back messages to the people in the most accurate ways.

After thousands of years being a healer myself but not invited to the conference of the wise ones, I eventually got an invitation through a series of dreams. In some dreams I was shown the lands of the big gods and others I saw their images, I heard their big voices. Soon I traveled with a group of healers, we traveled in ships faster than the speed of light. As we arrived, one of the senior divinities said to me, we have finally heard your drum and now it is your time to ask your deepest question.

After thinking for a long time, I then asked, what is life’s greatest question? He said all questions are great, and enquiry is an extremely potent tool for navigating life but once all questions have been answered they no longer exist as questions. So the greatest questions are the ones that do not have answers yet.

He continued and said, it is similar to death. It is a kind of question but the only way to answer is to die. Perhaps similar to music, that perceives silence as the greatest music. So it is my advice to you that you should immense yourself so deep in the search, in the question such that you forget, and put less attention to finding of any kind but that of yourself in the question itself.

The process of life itself is the truth of beauty and your greatest goal should be, I believe, to become a seeker and not gravitating towards reaching conclusions but more questions.

As he finished speaking, I heard our ship horn blast and it was time to leave.


Nduduzo Makhathini

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