The mood felt similar to that of December holidays back home in Pietermariztburg. I was taken back to my upbringing. But quite surprisingly, in these childhood moments, there were musicians that I’m currently working and collaborating with now. It felt as though we all waited there with anticipation for all our relatives that would be visiting from afar. Though we knew that uGogo Alphinah had now transitioned, she was part of the gathering and as usual she led us in prayer. I remember her quoting her usual prayer phrase ‘Simakade, siyazibeka kuwe, nezidalwa zonke ezisemagumbini amane omhlaba…’

After she finished praying she disappeared into the sky. From that point the atmosphere changed quite drastically. The mood had evolved from the busyness of the township, sounds of cars, people talking and loud sound systems, we started becoming more aware of the natural sounds, a deeper cosmic music. I recall a group of musicians that stood there with me making comments about how they also felt as though their hearing sensibilities had been heightened.

As we wondered, another layer of awareness emerged. The sky displayed various types of illustrations (similar to the work of Mzwandile Buthelezi) of gigantic and abstract beings we had never seen before, some had four legs, some three eyes. The view was profoundly beautiful and colorful. Some of the dominating colors were red, black, yellow and others.

Still taken by this beauty we all took out our modern day gadgets (cellphones, cameras) trying to capture these moments. To our astonishment, we were taken back to the human made noises and cloudy sky of this world. It felt as though we were being punished for not being able immense ourselves in such a sincere moment.

Iphupho 13062019

Nduduzo Makhathini

4 thoughts on “Visitations

    1. Sawubona, thank you for this comment…

      Well for me personally, I do not have any criteria, but I do take seriously the visitations by my ancestors and in many ways I alway feel that their very presence in my dreams is meaningful enough. I must also add that this space/blog doesn’t have any mandate besides documenting, and hoping that like minded beings can find resonances and see these as some kind of anecdotes.

      Nduduzo Makhathini


      1. Thokoza Khehla

        I see. Makes sense.

        I ask because I have a series of dreams when I sleep, about four to five dreams every time I sleep. So I’ve been trying to decipher which dreams are of importance and which aren’t. With that said, my spirit is still very vulnerable, one that still hasn’t matured.

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      2. I hear you, I would recommend that you document them anyway, over the years I have also learned that ultimately we are all doing a kind of planetary work. That is to say that, we form part of a greater network and sometimes things that come to us might be understood better by others around us.

        Ngifisela indlela emhlophe
        Nduduzo Makhathini


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