The Three Spirits that Descended: Exploring Piano Approaches

One day, when our ancestors first heard the piano in their dreams, before it was even made, they loved it so much that a huge conference was held somewhere beneath the earth. The meeting was, among other things, to discuss what spirits would occupy the various ranges and registers of this huge instrument and for what purpose[s].

The elderly men said, they wanted to occupy the lower register. They felt that in this way they would be sitting closer to the doors of all musical possibilities. And thus becoming the gate way to all knowledge and all creation would named after them to reclaim their immortality. As they wished all was given. Melodies and chords were named after them, all sounds were rooted in them. These men spoke in low frequency voices, they had less to say and often uttered one word at a time.

Then the mothers said, they wanted to occupy the middle range, as they believed that it was a space of all inspiration. Their wish was granted, they became the heart and soul of all music and a bridge that shaped sounds before, now and future sounds. They provided all music with a gift of infinite harmonic possibilities. These mothers sang in multiple voices, through their harmony, music found the warmth of a home and mysteries of tomorrow.

Finally, the children then said, they wanted to occupy the upper register as a space of excitement and exploration. Their wish was permitted and the upper register became a safe space where all children lived and played day in, and day out. Their music was an echo from the teachings of yesterday, the teachings elders. They became an extension of a mother.

Revelations (31052019)

Nduduzo Makhathini

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