Abantwana Basekukhanyeni (Children of Light)

After being carried by a bird over many lands, seas and sky[s], our pilgrimage had led us to this tranquil space. As we arrived, it looked and felt as though it had been raining, the soil sung with a great aroma. In harmony the trees lived while the rivers and streams pledged evolving melodic motifs telling stories of tomorrow. From a distance we heard the overtones of the rainbow. The mountains echoed the invisible histories of our people.

This was no ordinary day in a special place. Unlike the many years of searching, questioning and seeking, instead in effortless ways this day felt fulfilling for both my guide and I. We sat for hours under a tree where the magic bird had left us. It felt as though words were not necessary in these moments, even movement was suspended. In stillness, we had fully become aware of each other’s presence even in intense silence.

At sunset we advanced towards the nearest village where we would spend the next couple of moons with the wise ones and the elders of the village. Before we could arrive, two wooden gates appeared ahead of us and as we came closer the one on the right slowly opened, and immediately after we had walked in, it closed behind us.

Being inside the gate was being in another planet, everything changed to an uncommon vibration. It was dark, cold, and a little windy. I looked at the sky, it appeared to be much closer than I had seen and experienced anywhere before. It seemed as though it was filled with some kind of liquid forms. As I looked even deeper into the sky, I began to see what appeared to be like unborn babies type of figures that moved similar to a fetus inside the womb, their movement produced a musical sound.

Still marveled at what I was seeing and hearing, a whilst-like voice spoke, after which my guide (whom spoke all whistle languages including ‘umlozi’ and other complex languages of the birds) translated what was being said. He mentioned something about rebirth, but my attention was still drawn to mystical nature of the place.

Soon after, a child dressed in a grey linen garment walked towards us from an easterly direction, accompanied by a massive white cloud right above her head. She spoke in a gentle voice and said; ‘Welcome to the land of eternal youth, this gift was given to us by our ancestors, it allows us to be in touch with all things seen and unseen, known and unknown, and part of our mission is to the pass gift to all seekers of truth.’ She then held my hand and I became a child too.

My guide then spoke to me in a whistling tongue (this time I understood every note): ‘My felicitations to you. You have now graduated to being a mystic, all your senses are now heightened, there shall be no need for my guidance anymore, from today follow your intuition and the light shall follow you always.’ Then he vanished.

Umbono (COL21052019)

Nduduzo Makhathini

4 thoughts on “Abantwana Basekukhanyeni (Children of Light)

  1. Makhosamakhulu!!!
    Lezi izindaba zassmaThongeni, lapho sivela khona nalapho esibuyela khona mhla sifika noma sesigoduka.
    Thokoza Mkhulu! Lezizambulo ziyaselapha uma sizifunda. Izilimi zoMoya nabaNini bemiMoya


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