The Invention of Ancient Technology

I had been traveling for a long period of time looking for the wise one who knew everything about human evolution. After several years I reached his-her shrine, he-she spoke with his-her back to the audience. I was told that no man had ever seen his-her face. He-she said;

Before the technology of telepathy, dreams, visions, songs, prayers, meditation and even death, humans used to travel between planets in their physical bodies. These beings were gifted with light bodies and could travel at significantly high speeds. Some could even fly as they had wings, but most beings traveled using a web of ropes that formed an organized network connecting all planets above and below. One day after humans had fallen asleep for the first time and not traveled for several days, the gods became angry and cut all the ropes that connected the planets.

Eventually, when the humans woke up they discovered that all ropes were cut and those that had wings could no longer fly. Since humans had, communities, families and friends across planets that they needed to communicate with, the decision made by the gods resulted in a lot of sadness as humans could no longer transmit messages between planets. After a long meeting between the gods of all planets, it was declared to humans that new forms of technologies were invented to assist them communicate across planets, space and time. Humans from all over became once again optimistic and excited about life and this message from the big gods, they celebrated over several days of sleeplessness. The gods further declared that due of humans’ laziness, they were no longer allowed to travel between planets in their physical bodies but through telepathy, dreams, visions, songs, prayer and death of the body.

Personal communication with teachers from another time: Dream Code 16052019

Nduduzo Makhathini

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