Songs that Traveled

These beings had massive voices, when they sung their songs traveled lots of miles to far away places. They projected certain songs to nearby villages, sometimes over the sea, through the sky and even deep underground. The wise ones say, each of these beings could sing up to twelve vocal parts simultaneously, with each composition lasting over a day or two in length. 

In those days, all humans knew the science of songs, some spoke of melodies that were stored in caves, forests, mountains and rivers. We were also told that, some of these songs had traveled from unknown places over thousands of years to supplement planet earth with diverse types of energy fields. Over the years, these ancient beings had developed various systems for storage such as digital archives and other energy libraries, at any given moment these beings were able to allow these songs to perform in public ceremonies, celebrations and rituals through advance song projection systems. 

Other special songs such as healing songs, rain songs amongst others were sung by chosen singers. These chosen beings were believed not to have been born off the human race, but were thought of as tangible manifestations of songs themselves, they embodied the spirits of the great gods. These beings never ate any food and were never involved in any human activities or needs, they only emerged to sing and when a given piece of music was completed, they would dissolve into water and eventually disappear. 

Umbono 02.05.2019

Nduduzo Makhathini 

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