Conversations with the Unseen: Them Too Need our Light

Three candles surfaced from the earth, two white ones and one red. Behind me a voice spoke and said ‘light them up, then step back to your position and don’t look behind you.’ I did as instructed.

Then the voice spoke again ‘Do you ever wonder that, we too need your light? We are also vulnerable beings in the spirit realm and we are also searching.’ I responded in fear ‘But I don’t even see you, how would I begin to imagine what you need.’ The voice then responded ‘That’s exactly how you’ve been failing us on this side. You neglect seeing in complete ways, because you believe in seeing only through your eyes. Now seek me within your heart and I shall appear.’

As I was still processing what was being said, I began to see multiple projections of myself all around, they appeared as though each represented one of the seven stages of my life’s journey. Some exhibited moments in my life as a child (playfulness), as an adult (searching)and some projected towards the future (blissfulness).

Then in unison they all pronounced ‘I have not gotten home yet, there is a river I need to cross, each time I’ve tried I have gotten tired and in that moment I have always found myself back by the river banks. It’s been many years and I have seen other spirits crossover but a kind of light shine over them.’

As I listened deeper, I noticed that twenty one candles had surfaced from the ground all around me and all in various colors. The voice spoke again, this time from a distance, and said ‘All of these stand for the ones that seek your light.’

Iphupho 07042019

Nduduzo Makhathini

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