From Another Time

It once was known to man that ‘magic’ was an extension of being. From realms of potentially ideas were verbalized, chanted, vocalized and eventually transformed and realized through layers of manifestations in physical forms.

The beautiful landscapes, mountains, rivers and valleys seen around us were once songs in someone’s imagination. Some songs presented themselves as suites over several days of meditations and some a single movement or phrase through a deep breath, yet each man was content with the resulting creation. All man’s thoughts collectively formed part of a larger universal tonality.

Someday soon humans shall remember a song that created the pyramids and will regain access to the divine properties and poetics of co-creation.


Nduduzo Makhathini


2 thoughts on “From Another Time

  1. Hi, Mr MacMuphi. This so deep man. It’s amazing how this thing called music transforms, magnifies and ultimately reveals the world around us so that the different facets of it and our different perspectives on understanding life and the world manifests. Through the notes, the song and the music everything eventually comes together and does one common thing – touches the heart!! Play on my brother!


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