Realms of Potentiality (Ukwendlalwa Kwetafula)

Then he said, ‘put your arm deep into the water, and you shall find a cryptogram to your destiny’ afterwards he vanish into the ocean.

In my hand I held a precious stone, it suggested various colors such as blue and very subtle grayish striped patterns around it. The more I held the stone, the more it revealed new visions. In this stone, I also saw a vision of an elderly woman in a walking-stick. She walked the opposite direction to my view, but quite surprisingly came closer and closer as the intensity of my awareness sharpened.

I then saw birds of many kinds, floating above the sea level. One of them whistled the sounds of tomorrow.

Umbono: 26032019

Nduduzo Makhathini

6 thoughts on “Realms of Potentiality (Ukwendlalwa Kwetafula)

  1. I always knew there was something very spiritual about you from the first day I saw and heard about you and your music. Atleast now I know I’m not crazy there is really something bigger that what we see. Im also on a journey. Thank you for sharing and the continued teachings. Makwande

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