Forgotten Songs

Then a voice came forth from deep underground. It spoke in an unfamiliar tongue, perhaps something preceding human language. Each word resonated from my feet, I began hearing not only through my ears but my entire being. It echoed as though it was immortalizing its own self. I listened deeper, becoming aware of every reflection and space in between.

As I wondered about what was being said, I began to gather meaning, not through an understanding of words, but a kind of sonic memory opened. It felt as though my inner being had just awakened, and I was in contact with deeper avenues of self.

The voice said: ‘All you humans have refused for a long time to come back home.’ Then kept quiet. I stood still, and after sometime it asked: ‘Do you believe in the spirit of freedom?’ Before I could answer, it said: ‘Go and tell your people that, there is no need to suffer in this world, your forefathers have left the gates wide open.’ Then another pause. ‘Let everyone being sing their way back home.’

Then the voice dissolved back into the ground.


Nduduzo Makhathini

22 March 2019

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Songs

  1. thank you Nduduzo… all this requires a level of trust and that this the quintessential question for humanity


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