Routines and Rituals (Reflecting on my recent travels)

There are certain things that we take lightly about traveling ‘abroad’ that often go against our daily routines/rituals. Today I want to quickly reflect on a recent experience that I had.

Naturally, there is only so much one thinks of when they visit a country with a unique time zone to that of their country of birth. Regularly, we become more concerned about the weather, the food, the people and other more obvious things. For instance, when I knew that I would be traveling to the US, I made sure that I pack all the warm clothes in my bag since it is winter time this side, but those were just about all my considerations.

Now through my experience, I realize that the most important thing I had forgotten to do was to send a message/text to the ‘underworlds’ informing them about the difference in time zones. Naturally, I alerted them about the trip, since I needed their blessings and light. But did not go into detail about our communication times and schedules as marked in the original timetable. On a normal day at home, I communicate with them in two separate modalities and times. The first one being, chants and prayers (sometimes including music), this often takes place during the day. It also involves more of a visualization of their presence than a direct contact. While the second mode involves dreams, often taking place in my sleep (another place) or when my body is not active, meaning my mind too is resting. The later does not require any reasoning from the mind, whereas the former does and entirely relies on past experience, knowledge, logic and such. The former is totally aware of the physical surroundings, the later is not but it projects a new surrounding/reality.

The time-space concepts are also different in these two modalities. It’s important to also note that, on the one hand, awake-ness completely shuts down our ‘birds eye view’, this is to say we can only see what surrounds us. On the other hand, and contrary to awake-ness, deep sleep (ubu’thongo) allows multiple views of self. In a dream we see our surroundings and ourselves within those surroundings.

Let me get back to what I experienced yesterday. It so happened that the great ones from the ‘underworlds’ had visited with an important and urgent message to send through me. Upon their arrival they found the body awake, filled with limited reasoning of man and perhaps in that way less receptive. The mind and the body did not want to give in to the moment and what was being said. There arose tensions between the mind and the technologies of receiving from outer space.

This constant conflict began to generate a rather strange and unfamiliar feeling. At the same time the only way the mind could read these signals was ‘I am falling asleep’ but it was actually something else that I have never felt before. In retrospect, I think they (the ancestors) just wanted my mind to shut down so I could be more receptive to their message but I didn’t quite get it in that moment. I also admit that as humans we are used to preparing for these things. The damage is to an extent that we have developed a number of routines that act as bridges from ‘awake-ness’ to a ‘dream-state’. For instance, we need to wear pyjamas, we need a bed and blankets, we need to close our eyes, and we need to be in particular position to fall asleep and dream. In short this process is not instant but requires a certain amount of negotiation between the two realms of our consciousness, with the body being the least  natural party in the negotiation game.

In that moment of confusion and refusal to fall asleep. With a nacked eye, I started seeing ‘beings’ that were not necessarily ‘there’ in terms of what that means for a human experience but nonetheless these beings demanded and grabbed my attention. They even walked through objects and other people that were in the building with me. It became a complete juxtaposition of two worlds both happening in real-time. It got so busy and loud that a glimpse of that experience shoot me right into deep sleep. Through a minute of sleep and experiencing what could be referred to as hypnagogic jerks, and that is when a friend woke me up to go outside for some fresh air.


One needs to fully acknowledge the co-existence and parallelism of these two worlds and perhaps more as our consciousness widens. If our communication with the ‘underworlds’ is a type of technology (which it is according to my experience of it), then we need to be more cognizant of the kinds of coding and programming that should be implemented prior a change in time zones. We need a form of text that will signal a kind of ‘roaming status’ so to speak, as a neccesity for a coordinated communication to the underworlds.

Another option is to completely break away and remove the walls that exist between the two realms so that the communication and overlaps are encouraged rather then suppressed and further resisted. But this might also mean some level of danger for this ‘world’, for instance an uncommunicated ancestral visit that puts one to an instant sleep mode whilst driving. This example might result into two things; firstly an accident and secondly a possibility to allow the ancestor to drive your car. Well check it out!!!


Nduduzo Makhathini

7 thoughts on “Routines and Rituals (Reflecting on my recent travels)

  1. This is so profound. I keep getting “aha” moments with the content you post. I always get a sense of understanding and belonging when I read your posts.

    My boyfriend recommended that I follow your blog and document my dreams the best way I know how and in a way that best narrates the dreams because I used to write them down, and I stoppped because I would lose track.

    Thokoza 👏🏾


  2. I’m so glad you shared this
    I had a similar case which led me to anxiety and panic attacks up until 2 days ago
    But in my case , I ran to Europe because I thought I’d be somehow relieved of the spiritual burden but little did I know that , the spiritual real is part me and therefore wherever I go , I can never distance myself from it
    I flew from Spain to Zaragoza, an hour away from Barcelona and I wasn’t even aware of the time zone
    Things were not aligned and my chakra wasn’t balanced , I started experiencing flashbacks, accompanied by severe headaches, I moved when I shouldn’t have , I stepped out when I shouldn’t have so there was imbalance

    A week ago I started seeing silhouettes moving , just like u said , in our heads we form little gesture rooms thinking that they’ll bring us comfort when we all know that isn’t true
    These silhouettes evolved into a high frequency, sharp noise it felt like I was a radio and someone was paying through looking for a signal
    I normally use SAGE


  3. And I love my herb of wisdom(weed)
    I was aware of what’s going on but a portion of my consciousness was in total slumber, asleep and I knew I didn’t have it in me to wake myself up
    This week I had a violent dream, I was locked in this house and whenever I tried to leave, big dogs would appear , the house was filled with dogs as if they were ordered to hurt me if I left but they didn’t
    I then communed ndaphehla and I fell asleep , I went into a trans
    From a tender age I was always visited by a goddess, she’s always dressed in white cloths and she’s sitting ontop of the river

    I saw myself Infront of the sea ‘again’ but this time it was different
    I took my clothes off and found snuff in my pocket , sprinkled that and in my hands appeared silver shining coins , almost like my footsteps were ordained by an unseen force
    I threw the coins and the water welcomed me , as I swam, 2 big fishes appeared and I somehow knew that they wouldn’t hurt me , infact they looked like they were under my


  4. It looked like they were under my subjection but nothing was said
    There were sound yet silent conversations , we spoke with our hearts and people just knew what to do
    These fishes carried me back to the shore and again , silver coins re-surfaced in my palms and I put one coin in the mouths and they swam back
    I started walking backwards and turned with my right foot , on the 3rd step and a drizzle fell upon me
    I woke up and I was dripping wet physically


  5. When you shared this I cried because It took me months to figure it out and I was hallucinating which led to anxiety and I’m severely depressed


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