Itshe Lezibankwa (The Land of Lizards)

Then I arrived in a village built over the stone of miracles. In this village all types of food and herbs grew over night and no man had to work or plant but everything grew organically from the ground. Their waters had a healing force, curing all types of diseases. People slept under the trees and never had to build any shelter.

There were two tribes that lived in this village, the dark skinned (also known as the people of song) and the light skinned (also known as the foreign people). The dark skinned lived on top of the rocks and had been fighting all types of lizards, mostly the crocodiles for thousands of years so I was told. The wise ones believed that the crocodiles were the first inhabitants of these precious stones. The light skinned tribe spoke a unique language and they were seldom seen because they lived inside the stones with the lizards.

On the day I arrived, the great king of the dark skinned people had just killed a huge crocodile. I was also told that the dark skinned people used crocodile oil to burn as sacrifice to their ancestors. Though this practice was perceived by the light skinned people as a bad omen, since the great god of the lizards would come out later in the day to pay revenge.

Over the years the dark skinned people had been divided into two groups, the one group followed the customs of the ancient people and those of the king. The other group had been ‘saved’ meaning they subscribed to the foreign cultures of the light skinned people.

In preparation for the great god of the lizards’ revenge, the light people came out of the stones to offer a special drink to the ‘saved’. I was told that this drink protected them from being killed by the great god of the lizards.

In the evening, as expected the great god of the lizards came out. The ‘unsaved’ dark skinned people went across the river of healing waters where they began to sing their songs, a deep vibration was felt in the entire village as they started dancing.

Then I woke up singing the song of the dark skinned.

Iphupho 30. 12. 2018

Nduduzo Makhathini

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