Imihlaba Isondelene: Time-Space Overlaps

An ancestor had been traveling through the sky over her village, when she suddenly heard a melody. Those who knew her before habitually told her great grandchildren about her love for the drum. 

Moved by the sound of the drum, she came closer. A group of drummers and singers had been playing for over seven days without rest. The space was charged with ‘ase’, miracles were witnessed. The blind started to see, the sick were healed.

The ancestor joined the ritual in dance and song until everyone had gone. Soon after her physical body emerged, looking the same as she did before her departure. She was amazed at what had just happened as she had never been inside a body for decades. 

There were also various types of traditional beers left by the elders after the performance ritual. She began to indulge in the drinks until she eventually got tired and fell asleep. 

The next morning the entire village came around her body deeply astounded. When she heard their voices she woke up and her body vanished. 


Nduduzo Makhathini 

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