A Recalled Dream from Another Time

We all came, sat around the fire. As part of our evening rituals, uGogo was meant to tell a story. But this time she kept quiet, she looked directly to the center of the fire as though in an intense conversation with the unseen. Soon and in an unexpected manner, an eccentric being emerged from the fire. It had a face of a mother, multiple arms and legs. It looked me directly in the eye. I became nervous and in that moment felt a part of me getting drawn into its deep presence. I was instantly taken to another place.

In this place the people were different, they were free and told stories I have not heard. They spoke simultaneously in multiple tongues, but seemed to understand one another and I understood them too. They operated in a unique time zone and frequency. I wanted to stay here, I wanted to learn from them.

As I opened my eyes, uGogo had me in her warm arms and said ‘that was the end of the story little child’.

Then I wondered; ‘have I not moved from here the entire time, was the story told in total silence, who was the being in the fire, did everyone see her and where are all the other people?’ Though these were thoughts going through my mind, quite surprisingly, in response uGogo said; ‘yebo mntan’omntanami kunjaloke emhlabeni, okuningi kusemfihlakalweni…’

Nduduzo Makhathini


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