Months later as we reached the mountain top, a heavy storm came. In the midst of it all, I saw an old man dressed in a white gown, he looked majestic. He stood still and did not seem affected or disturbed by all that happened around him. In his hands, he held an unusual flute. I came to look even closer, and noticed he had slightly more fingers then most of us.

I turned to my guide Nyawnde to ask about this man. Nyawnde related the story: ‘The old man had inherited the flute from his mother when he was a young man.’ He continued to say: ‘His mother was a wonderful musician, and one day she was fetched the wise ones in a spaceship believed to be from one of the most musical planets called KwaUndonsi. The old man believed that all musicians came from this planet and one day he also shall join the greater music community on the other side…’

After listening to Nywande, I turned back to the old man and this time he looked younger. I came closer to him and he disappeared, and quite surprisingly the sound of his flute kept playing. I looked up to the sky and saw a gigantic spacecraft from which a flute fell on my hands.



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