A Journey of a Believer: What has Men Invented?

I had been flying all this time, but when I realised that is when I fell. Even when I fell, I still did not quite reach the ground. As I was about to, I remembered that birds could fly and I became a bird.

I landed in a place I had never been, but certainly parts of me mused upon having visited before. While reminiscing on this moment, some gigantic beings emerged from the sky. The sky appeared to be so close to the ground, I could touch the clouds.

These beings starred at me, right above my eyes. I waited for them to speak and instead, they broke into song. They sung harmonious sounds, not just my ears but this time my entire body could hear, I felt their song. Though the language was new, my soul understood and sang along. At this moment I tried looking at myself, and realised I had vanished. A voice said to me ‘forget the past, be here now and go ahead’.

From this moment a new body emerged, a new self. It felt as though I was looking at myself from inside this body, a body of light. The sounds became more pronounced, though the volume had quietened the potency remained. I started to focusing intensely on the timbre of their voices, it was beautiful. But then I noticed something.

And I recall thinking: ‘So all this time in planet earth we thought these sounds were a result of human creation based on our inventions of musical instruments but on this planet all these sounds are singable. So what have the humans really created? It seems as though our creator Umvelinqangi had initially created and given us all, and we now spend our lives investing ways of recovering and repackaging that which had been lost.’

After this thought, I transitioned and fell back on this side, soon I woke up.

Iphupho (07 August 2018)
Nduduzo Makhathini

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