Indonsa Kusa (Morning Star)

I’m listening to the most amazing performance by nature sounds, possibly the world’s greatest music. These sounds are egoless, do not belong to no man but available to/for all, they do not have a name they simply are. They are in tune with the cosmos.

After all the often; significantly unpleasant, dissonant sounds of human made instruments and technologies, something special happens around midnight. Another world emerges, accompanied by the most beautiful music of the cosmos. This music plays throughout our sleep until we wake up to disrupt.

I think the world would be a more harmonious place if we were to be awake at this time to silently absorb this music then go to sleep morning.

Somehow this thought just made sense in this particular moment of my innocent observation.


Nduduzo Makhathini

One thought on “Indonsa Kusa (Morning Star)

  1. I can totally relate and agree, two years ago, I was still working nightshift. I hated the space but music made it amazing to be there. I would go home to sleep with a heart that had danced from all the music I had engaged with the night before. This year June I had slipped into depression of three weeks not having music because loadshedding. I could feel my heart drifting off. I didn’t care about being in the dark but I was cold and spiritually detaching because there was no songs to keep me company.


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