Our Fears

In a very long and interesting dream last night I remember being asked:

Why do you think human beings in the world are in such fear to create and share their creations?

I responded:

The people in this world are looking for perfection, the idea of perfection is an illusion as it is impossible for any individual to attain perfection, perfection is the sum of all the imperfections.

Nduduzo Makhathini (Dream 19 March 2017)

9 thoughts on “Our Fears

      1. I hear you, the think about it is there aren’t really a set of rules to these things and perhaps that is why I thought creating a platform like this might useful, for us to begin to think, observe and interpret meanings together. The best advice I could ever give is, enjoy this beautiful journey…



  1. I don’t know about enjoying, lol. I’ll however embrace it. It’s emotionally heavy. I guess answers will come to me eventually and it’ll all start making sense one day.


  2. Me reading this made me realize why I have downplayed myself and my writings so much. Thank you for making me see that there there’s none such thing as perfection. Thokoza


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