Part I

Somedays my pitch is perfect, I can hear any note and tell what it is. Is this something one can cultivate to some sort of a permanent state? Does this maybe have to do with our tuning to the greater tonality of the universe? Can this be in anyway connected to our state of being, our awareness?

Perhaps I should just enjoy it while it lasts, it is beautiful.

Part II

My questions are not directly concerned with ‘perfect pitch’ but more with the alignment of our consciousness to the frequency of the universe.

How I think about is, it’s more a thing that we can allow ourselves to tap into rather than learn, it’s there already the trees, the birds, streams all have it because they’re in tune with this frequency.

I understand that we can teach our ears to hear certain pitches after lots of practice ‘relative pitch’ it’s based on the past, it is something we’ve internalized. But is there a way of feeling these vibrations through our skin pores,

That is what I’m feeling today, but it comes and goes…


Nduduzo Makhathini

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