I then arrived in a very strange place with a strange tribe; men blew powder out off their flutes and people died, I ask an elderly man next to me how the people had discovered such a practice. He told me that the same flute could heal too. Although this wasn’t a satisfactory answer to me as I was witnessing such for the first time, nonetheless I continued to listen. He then said, each man’s resurrection relied on his wish upon his death. He continued to say that after being ‘shot’ (by the flute) the ancestors gave each person a grace period on which to utter his wish before he dies. It is in this wish that purpose is derived for ones after/next life.

In the dream I spent a couple of years with this tribe observing and learning about their often ‘supernatural’ powers. On a glorious day arrived a man whom I were told was a virtuoso in playing all different types of flutes. According to the elders this man had lived and traveled around the continent for thousands of years. His duty was to raise the dead. Everyone respected this man, including animals too. When we followed the man I also recall how all kinds of trees and plants would bend to give way when he approached.

Soon we arrived at the kings palace where he began the ritual, playing at graves of the king’s wives during which three rose from their death.

I hope that this man visits again one of these days.

Nduduzo Makhathini

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