Pieces of a Dream

All is beginning to make sense, sometimes we just don’t pay enough attention.

It was a rainy day, a great master had transitioned. I wanted to be at his interment, but that same day I was traveling abroad and not in a position to change fixed contractual arrangements that I had committed to. It felt as though I didn’t have a choice but to leave, this became a little heavy and I knew it was working against my heart.

Nevertheless, on a long flight reflecting on the moments spent with the master, I fell asleep. I modulated to another realm of consciousness, where perhaps death isn’t possible. We were three; myself, fellow disciple and our master. As we were strangely walking in the sky, unexpectedly mountains appeared too, caves appeared, and all kinds of the things associated with life on the earth (ground) started to emerge.

It seemed as though we didn’t pay much attention to these rather puzzling happenings. Our conversations ranged from the art-of-dying, metaphysics, improvising our way out of this world, the importance of community, future sounds and other interesting topics that were familiar to us on the other side of life when the master was still ‘alive’.

Suddenly a heavy storm came, there was dust all around, there came flying objects that I had not seen before and eventually we lost sight of the master. The wind blew even harder, we tried to rise up to the mountain top, holding onto tree branches but got blown away. Stones were rolling from all sides accompanied by heavy sounds of thunder, it also become very dark.

In no time I was left alone, I become tired of fighting nature forces and I slept to wake up ‘years’ later in a different setting. It was in a dry dessert with so much stillness and as I looked above me, a man that was uncommonly tall stood as if he had been there for a while waiting for me to awake. Feeling very thirsty, I quickly asked him for water and very thoughtfully he responded “there shall be no need for water anymore”.

I then woke up from at least five hours of sleep, and to this day I’m still contemplating on possible meanings to this dream, I’ve told it to some people years ago. Today learned that contemplating in itself is enough and soon interpretations will find me.

– Nduduzo Makhathini [10.05.2011]

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