Ode to a Master

I was thinking something a little out there, this out of body experience is quite an intriguing thing to think about… At least since July last year I get this kind of feeling with almost every concert, a feeling that during a performance one experiences some form of an astral projection.

Bab’uZim Ngqawana used to speak about it but he was such a great story teller that he would make us imagine all these things and sometimes get us all scared like little kids. So he once said:

‘Hey Makhathini kunzima ndoda, I once left my body at home for a bit long than normal, then I panicked and wanted to make my way back but I had gone to far from it, and for hours I couldn’t find my body. When I eventually came back everyone was worried thinking I had died so be careful of digging too deep in this music thing, you’ll be buried before your time…’ then he started laughing and I was left thinking to this day

Through stories masters are never forgotten.

Nduduzo Makhathini

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