For Ngqawana

Saw Ngqawana, he was leaning against some old table where the sound system was playing. He faced the opposite direction to me and Ayanda. We were all listening intensely to the Zimology Quartet Live at The Birds Eye record, and to his solo on my arrangement of Afro Blue in particular.

Towards the end of the song, I went to hug him and he turned around. Then there was a newspaper on the floor that he showed to us and it had a quote by him speaking at the ‘Bassline’, the quote spoke about a communal goal and outlook that Zimology Institute carried. After we all read, he then added ‘… I did it for everyone’.

In that same scene Tsoaeli walks in and they started chatting to Ngqawana, and soon walked out again and then soon brought some bank notes to Ngqawana. After that came a different scene; Ngqawana was playing with my kids asking them to spell out different personnel’s on McCoy Tyner’s albums.

Soon here disappeared (Dream, 04 May 2018)

Nduduzo Makhathini

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